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Gone Fishing

Decoration from “Party Kingdom”




              THE ERMAKOVS





The Aleksics


Andrew & Vera

The Mamedovs Family



Anglo-Russian Pre-School advert video



   HAIR STYLE WORKSHOP                       PROJECT: AIR                             




      Globe House/Yoga                  Montenegro 2014  

Test Mark III

 Coffee Deluxe

This promotion video was created for an amazing couple - Marina and Simon, who have started their own family coffee business in London. We wanted to share with you all our love for coffee and healthy food and here it is, wrapped in warmth and soul. Enjoy!

Music: The Mostar Diving Club – Give A Little Love

Abbey Road Studios

28th of march was a very important day for me as I had an honer to visit one of the most famous places in the music industry - ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS. I've been in love with the Beatles since I was 15 years old. This amazing chance (big warm hug to Andrew Sunnucks for that) to make a film in STUDIO ONE was one of the luckiest moments for me, I will always remember it. The Beatles used to record my favourite music in this studio, it was amazing to be there and to spend time with many  talented people. The English Session Orchestra (https://www.facebook.com/EnglishSessionOrchestra) was the star of the day, recording wonderful music before my eyes .Everybody in the orchestra had brought their amazing talent and ability forward, uniting to create beautiful harmony. It was an incredible day. 

Music by Yusuke Tsutsumi - The Beach

Dasha & Juliette

We had a great day out in London & Oxford with the amazing sisters, Dasha and Juliette. Thank you guys for the sunshine you gave to our rainy weekend. Miss you both! Shooting: Dasha and Richard Hugg (thank you Hubby :*) 

Music: Morcheeba - Rome wasn't built in a day

Our Second Anniversary

The Seals

Thank you guys for sharing your anniversary day with me and my camera! Batir and Olga - you are a very beautiful couple. I hope you will have lots of funny and happy days together. Better together.

 Music: Jack Johnson- Better together

Some of the things you can do in England

My parents visited for a week. We roamed the streets of London, played the tourist, explored Oxford, visited Stamford and got up a to a whole load of other stuff. This video is a memento of a great holiday spent here in the UK with my parents and short guide with a few ideas on how to spend your time with a smile and happiness - some obvious stuff, some less so! Enjoy! This is my biggest project to date with about 450 videos to work through. It took a month of work, reviewing, working on the colour and editing.

 Music: Kodaline-After The Fall / Meiko-Stuck on you

Being Miss Darcy

Follow Miss Darcy's Adventure on her blog http://missdarcy.org

Valentine's Day at Gaucho

On 16th of February my lovely husband Richard Hugg and I attended an amazing lunch event (where we worked as videographer and photographer) for Cockapoo owners, held at Gaucho in Hampstead. I've never been to anything like it! It was a wonderful idea for owners and doggies alike. We met loads of super interesting and positive people there! I will remember the day for a very long time! 
Special thanks go to May Wong for organising the event and for inviting us - it is always a pleasure to work with you and Miss Darcy!

Editing/Colours : Dasha Hugg
Shooting: Richard Hugg first camera, Dasha Hugg second camera
Nikon D 800/ Final Cut pro
Music: Part Time Heroes feat. Bridgette Amofah – Sun Will Shine

Last days of summer

As the song goes, " Girls just want to have fun".Well I can't argue with that.. Especially when you have such wonderful friends - Nastya Sergienya( http://nastyasergienya.com/ ) & Daniella Averina (https://www.facebook.com/DanieAPhotography?viewer_id=100000358324674) you just can't be in a bаd mood. Thank you for that amazing day. I hope we will see each other more often!

 Music: Cindy Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun


Video project about London and people.

Foggy London

Hyde Park Cockapoo Club

Mr.Hugg and I had lots of fun on saturday morning with the Hyde Park Cockapoo Club organised by May Wong www.missdarcy.org .Thank you for the amazing meeting and warm and welcoming atmosphere. I've never seen anything like it: lots of friendly people with their beautiful fluffy friends all in one place enjoying each other's company! Thank you for the invitation. Looking forward to bringing our cockapoo to a meeting one day soon!!

Music: The King of Rock&Roll (Elvis Presley) - Hound Dog

Tour guide (day 1) - London City


This video was created as a memento of my brother's holiday with me and my husband in London. Hopefully it might be useful for anyone who wants to get a flavour of London, or for anyone wanting to enjoy the beauty of the vision of a capital city 


Melancholic London


My hubby made me happier this year!! He made a dream of my childhood - to have a dog- come true! I have always been passionate about animals and especially dogs . And now we have found a fantastic cockapoo puppy for our family and his name is OTIS! He is absolutely adorable and also very brave and curious about life ! I can't say any more. Just look at this furry cute creature! Special thanks to our amazing breeder - Carolyn and her gorgeous dog Autumn!

Music: Ingrid Michaelson – I Just Wanna Be Ok


The London Aquarium is one is the most amazing places in the capital which impresses with its sheer size and its various collections of beautiful sea life. I hope the combination of music and film will enable you to immerse yourself in the magical world of the Aquarium. A big thanks to my brother Nikita, and Tanya Knight. The video is dedicated to all lovers of the ocean.

 Music credit: John Brion - OST to Eternal Sunshine the Spotless Mind

Patimashka's holiday

Three days of Pati, her visit to London and her adventures in our capital are recorded in this video.  It's a little tribute to traveling, meetings, new experiences and happy days in new surroundings.

Tanya - expecting

This video is a tribute to the last few months of Tanya's pregnancy.  A film about the beauty of pregnancy, nature and the strength of spirit of women.   Although pregnancy is a tough time, she was a testament to getting through such times with a smile and harmony.

Commercial videos for my friend Begona and her site www.thepack-lamanada.sqsp.com

Two videos which open a door on the world of the dog walker. The videos are not only a tribute to Begona's love of her canine charges, but will hopefully serve well in advertising her dog walking company back in Spain. 

My wedding anniversary

Two films made from the heart.  

The first records is a collection of happy moments marking our journey through our first year of married life; happy moments, crazy moments, tender moments... many moments, with more to come...


The other my wedding and the surrounding days in Montenegro, sun-caressed days on the beach, lazy days lazing in the shade of Montenegro's verdant slopes, fun days with relatives, adventurously exploring the neighbouring towns and beaches...